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RS Asbestos Ltd provides information and advice regarding the handling, removal and disposal of Asbestos waste.

At RS Asbestos Ltd we understand that our services have an unavoidable impact on the environment. This is mostly owing to the requirement that all asbestos material is disposed of at appropriate landfill sites. Despite this, we make every effort to minimise our effects on the environment through careful planning and execution of all our projects.

Regardless of the size or scale, every project is given the individual care and attention required to ensure we do everything possible to minimise any detrimental effects on our precious eco-systems. We offer a fully transparent Site to Landfill provision, diligently employing reputable specialist waste carriers. All the associated documentation is provided as proof of correct disposal for all waste types, and we recycle as much soft stripped material as we practically can along the way.

RS Asbestos Ltd is an Environment Agency registered waste carrier.

For more information, please feel free to contact us on 01706 839 082 or e-mail enquiries@rsasbestos.co.uk